by Otis Brown

August 4, 2020

Coffee Benefits

For decades we were told about the negative effects of drinking coffee. However, recent research and studies have proven this premise to be totally false.

It has been proven that drinking as much as four cups of coffee a day can deliver significant health benefits to our bodies. However, there are cautions for pregnant women and individuals with heart conditions. It is advisable to consult a physician if you suffer any of these conditions.

It’s amazing how you can now include drinking coffee in your conversation about health and wellness. For decades we’ve been told that coffee was not good for us. We were told of the harmful effects of caffeine on the body. However, just a couple of years ago, it was discovered that the caffeine in coffee contains antioxidants that help the body’s defenses against free radicals and inflammation.

In a recent CNN report it was reported that there might be major benefits to drinking coffee. Coffee’s main ingredient, caffeine, has been connected to several health benefits. These benefits include “improved memory, improved liver health, improved athletic performance, and it aids in the prevention of Parkinson’s disease.”

The report goes on to say that “it does not matter if it’s regular or decaf.” The benefits are the same. “Coffee can help you live longer,” the report says. Four cups of coffee daily may reduce the risk of early death. It may also lower disease risks such as type II diabetes, colorectal cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and skin cancer.

The report cautions, however, that preparation matters. It is recommended that you use low-fat milk and avoid sugar.


  • Coffee boosts your physical performance
  • Coffee may help you lose weight
  • Coffee helps you burn fat
  • Coffee helps you focus and stay alert
  • Coffee reduces risk of stroke
  • Coffee reduces risk of cancers
  • Coffee lowers risk of death
  • Coffee reduces risk of stroke
  • Coffee protects your brain
  • Coffee brightens your mood, helps fight off depression and lowers risk of suicide
  • Coffee may lower risk of type II diabetes
  • Coffee reduces risk of Parkinson’s disease

Healthy adults can consume up to 400 mg of coffee per day. The report cautions that expectant moms and people with heart conditions should forego their “Cup of Joe”.

Now, if you are a coffee drinker or plan to be one, make sure that the coffee you drink offers your body the maximum health benefits. Since you’re looking for a boost, why not give a jolt to your body’s defense system while you jump start your day.

Not all coffee is roasted in the same way. Below you’ll find a few benefits to look for in how the coffee you drink is brewed.

You’ll want to drink coffee that fights free radicals and inflammation. You want coffee that has naturally occurring antioxidants. “In the brewing process, the antioxidants released are just as potent as vitamins C and E. One cup of coffee should contain the same amount of antioxidants as three oranges.”

The caffeine in your coffee should make you more alert and attentive. It should boost your energy levels as it jump-starts your day.

“The caffeine in your coffee should improve your body’s capacity to do more, particularly in endurance sports. Even drinking coffee after a workout has also been shown to have a positive metabolic effect on the body. Just the smell of coffee has been shown to help brighten the senses and liven up the morning”.

By boosting energy levels, the caffeine in coffee can help stimulate the body’s metabolic rate. And most notably, your coffee should contain sufficient amounts of potassium and magnesium.

You’ll want to drink coffee that is as fresh as possible and packaged within minutes of roasting, so you can enjoy your coffee at its freshest and most flavorful level.

Each cup of coffee you drink should have a positive effect on your health and wellness.

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