by Otis Brown

August 4, 2020

Article Marketing can be an effective strategy for marketing your business. If one is to become successful at article marketing, it is important to know how to design a title and select content that entices potential prospects to read your article, view your website and join your business.

This article gives some insight as to how to develop a title and select content for your article marketing campaigns.

Of all the information, systems, strategies and blueprints about marketing and making money on the internet, there is nothing more important than writing articles to promote your business and establish yourself as an expert in the business.

More importantly, once published on legitimate websites, your articles gain maximum exposure through web syndication and can last a lifetime/forever.

Article marketing forces you to to first figure out what your message will be. This is important because the primary purpose of marketing of any sort, is to get your message in the face of qualified prospects and incite them to view your website and join your business.

What this means is that the the subject of your article is of the utmost importance. It is what attracts a prospect to your article and causes them to read it. Needless to say, your articles’ content must equal the quality of its title.

Therefore, it is safe to say that the best marketing strategies in the world are useless if the title of the article is weak (does not demand attention) and the article’s content is inferior (provides little or no value and/or useless information).

The key is to write content that forces a prospect to view your website. The best way to do this is to think of yourself as not just an internet marketer, but also as a business executive/owner that is responsible for all components of the business.

When thinking in this manner, you will be concerned about how you will increase revenues and profitability, while minimizing expenses. In a nutshell, you must figure out how you want the content and character of your article to entice prospects to click on your website and join your business.

Writing a most powerful and targeted article requires you to develop a title, topic or subject that will really grab your prospects’ attention. Like the content of your article, keep your title relevant to the goals of a business owner;How Can What You Have To Offer 

(1) make prospects money? 

(2) decrease prospects’ expenses?

(3) increase prospects’ efficiency/profitability?

After you’ve answered these questions, you may begin listing article titles that will demand your prospect’s attention. Be patient, but deliberate. Use a note pad and keep it handy because ideas will begin to pop into your head when you least expect them to, and you don’t want to lose them.

About the author 

Otis Brown

I am a health and wellness consultant who helps weight conscience adults struggling to lose weight because they can’t get the proper nutrition, diet or exercise. I help create a simple plan for living a healthy lifestyle so they can achieve their ideal body weight and enjoy dramatic and lasting weight loss.

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