by Otis Brown

December 16, 2020

December is the time when YOU look at how little time and money you’ve had all year. It’s Deja vu all over again. It’s at this point you decide that you need to do something to change your life.

You’re struck by the realization that in order for things to change, you have to change. You’ve the done the same this year that you did last year. Where are you now? Same place. Does that sound like insanity or not?

Also lurking in the back of your mind is it will soon be time to pay federal income taxes. There’s a silver lining here. Paying taxes makes December one of the best months to start a home-based business.

Uncle Sam loves for you to create a small home based business. If you are looking to start one, Do It Now! Put your plan for 2021 in motion now. If you do, the tax breaks are staggering and they’re backed up by congress.

The tax laws created by Congress didn’t just end up “unintentionally” decreasing federal tax revenues because some clever lawyers found a loophole. No, they passed these laws for two specific and important purposes.

The first objective was to stimulate growth of the most important segment of the American economy—small business. But an equally important objective was to encourage every taxpayer to have a part time small business, and to continue to run it actively, because it will provide an ideal “safety net” in times of economic downturns and layoffs. Nothing’s more evident of that than this COVID-19 Pandemic we’re facing!

If you were to find out tomorrow that you are unemployed, what would you do? You could go home to look up the address of the unemployment office. But it would be far better for the economy (and for you!) if, instead, you went home to ramp-up your part-time home-based business into a full-time business.

Those were Congress’ objectives. Then, the question they wrestled with was, “How do we motivate busy people to DO something more,” since everyone is already over committed. The answer? What’s the greatest motivator of all time? MONEY!


This is particularly important for those looking to start a home based business and for those looking to recruit prospects wanting to build a home-based business.

Given the anxiety that comes with the holidays some recruiters believe that December is the worst month for recruiting. But

They’re wrong!

Here’s why.

Many people who don’t have a home-based business aren’t even looking for one. Why? Because they’re too busy at their job (or jobs) trying to earn enough after- tax wages to make ends meet. Do you have a “traditional” W-2 job? You know what the word JOB stands for, don’t you? Robert Allen, says “A J.O.B. stands for Just Over Broke!”

At first you may chuckle at that, but then you realize it’s TRUE! In fact, for many the word should be spelled “JUB for Just Under Broke!” since most of the time you run out of money before you run out of month.

That’s why the average American household today holds 2.5 jobs and has record- high credit card debt (per U.S. Census Bureau). Isn’t that sad? Couple that with the current COVID-19 Pandemic, you immediately see the need for your own home based business.

Come on now, let’s face it, there will always be something, another pandemic, a hurricane, a blizzard, whatever. These catastrophes are devastating to your economic survival.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!


December is a time for reflection; the time of year when people feel they have not lived up to their potential. A home based business can be a quick solution to their time and money issues.

In reality, you may find it difficult to get a prospect’s attention in December because their attention is on a lot of other things. But their mind is on nothing more so than taking care of their family.

Home Based Business Tax Breaks

So, How Can You Get Their Attention?

ANSWER: You Give Them These 6 Reasons to Start a Home Based Business in December

  1. It Has HUGE value – By working your small or home-based business just a few hours a week with the intent to make a profit, you can qualify for the special (HUGE!) tax deductions Congress has passed for home based business owners.
  2. It has IMMEDIATE financial value – By starting your home based business in December, you may deduct all of your expenses on your 2020 Tax Returns.
  3. It is Time-sensitive – NOT available after December – If you wait until 2021 to start your home based business, you’ll lose the the deduction for calendar year 2020.
  4. It SOLVES a Major Problem you already have – Everybody wants more FREEDOM. What does that mean to you? Does it mean the ability to do what you want to do with those who mean the most to you? – Does it mean more money to take care those you love, to travel, to volunteer in your community? You already know that you’re short on time and money. Starting your home based business in December gives you an immediate tax deduction for you start up costs. The deductions can be worth more than the start up costs. You begin to create wealth on the Fed’s dime
  5. Does NOT involve you “selling” them – If you are a recruiter looking to expand you your network marketing business, you’re simply adding value to a potential prospect. The real benefit here is just being a grateful giver to someone who’s looking to get ahead.
  6. It may compel THEM to ask YOU for more information – As a recruiter, the information you provide may incite them to take a look at your opportunity. This is rejection free because you didn’t talk about your product, plan or company. They asked you for a presentation.

SAY WHAT? Tell Me More

You Probably already know these (provable) facts:

  • A home-based business will probably save you more in taxes than it will cost you to to run the business, i.e., Uncle Sam will underwrite your costs.
  • Just attempting to make a profit qualifies you
  • Home-Biz Tax-Deductions are easy to understand and to safely follow
  • Claiming these deductions will NOT increase your likelihood of audit
  • Almost ALL Start-Up Costs are fully deductible in the tax-year a new business is started.



If a you activate a new business in DEC., before year’s-end, you will be able to deduct your start-up costs on your 2020 tax return.

  *Start-Up Costs include start-up kit, auto-ship costs, marketing tools, and attending business meetings, etc.

They are ALL deductible in 2020 but ONLY IF home based business is STARTED in 2020!

Compare that to someone who doesn’t get started until JAN. They will have to wait another full year more, not getting their tax deduction until April 2022 (for tax-year 2021)

HERE’S LIKELY YOUR BIG QUESTION – WHERE do I find this very time-sensitive information THIS MONTH, before the 2020 deduction is delayed to 2021?

THE ANSWER is found in a 40 page double spaced easy-to-read booklet written with the goal of showing you how it’s done.

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The information contained in this booklet is legally saving home-based business owners and network marketers thousands of dollars every year.

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Otis Brown

I am a health and wellness consultant who helps weight conscience adults struggling to lose weight because they can’t get the proper nutrition, diet or exercise. I help create a simple plan for living a healthy lifestyle so they can achieve their ideal body weight and enjoy dramatic and lasting weight loss.

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