by Otis Brown

March 18, 2021

Losing weight.

Hey, you just got on the scale. You look at the numbers. Something’s wrong (you wish) with the scale. Someone behind you must have their foot on the scale.

But wait, you don’t see a foot, there’s no one behind you.

You get it, the scale is not properly calibrated. It’s set to 10 instead of zero. You check.

No! It’s set to zero. 250 pounds! It just can’t be. You only eat a two piece fried chicken meal for lunch when you used eat a three piece. You now get the small fries and one biscuit.

You’ve cut back on bread…only 2 or 3 dinner rolls at dinner.

Only one slice of cake with your two scoops of ice cream.

You walk two miles a day and your breakfast was a healthy whole wheat muffin. Why aren’t you losing weight?

You always get a diet coke with your Big Burger Meal. So why aren’t you losing weight?

There is no mystery to losing weight. Here’s the number one scientifically proven secret to losing weight: YOU MUST TAKE IN FEWER CALORIES THAN YOU BURN! That’s it, period. This is a universal truth.

We all know the weight-loss rules: eat more calories than you burn and you’ll gain weight; eat fewer calories than you burn and you’ll lose weight. However, some researchers say it’s not that simple. In an effort to better understand the weight-loss process, researchers have devised an ingenious way to more accurately predict the trajectory of weight loss for individuals via a mathematical formula.

The hope is that using it will result in more realistic expectations for weight loss with fewer disappointments along the way, and help explain when and why weight-loss plateaus occur, even among seemingly dedicated dieters.

You can lose weight by eating less, exercising more or a combination of both. Hence, losing weight will not occur unless there is a calorie deficiency. This is one of the few instances where a deficiency is a good thing.

If you are serious about losing weight, you must know your calorie limit. This will tell you exactly how many total calories you need to consume to maintain your current weight. If you consume more you’ll gain weight.

Your focus should be on HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS. Realize that the rate of healthy weight loss should be no more than one to two pounds per week. Losing weight requires a systematic approach. For best results, the process must be moderate and steady. Losing weight in this manner is the best way to achieve lasting results.


A pound of body fat contains about 3500 calories. If you’re looking to lose one pound per week you will need to reduce your weekly caloric intake by 500 calories per day.

Finding your daily caloric limit is easy. Use an online calorie calculator.

Where exactly does exercise fit in? The effect of physical activity on the rate of weight loss isn’t clear. However, research suggests that the small amount of weight loss sometimes seen in exercise intervention studies isn’t due to exercise’s lack of effect on weight loss, but it’s a result of not getting enough exercise prescribed, and that’s compounded by an increase in calorie intake—in other words, not sticking to the prescribed reduced-calorie diet long term. The ratio of macronutrients in the diet, specifically the ratio of protein to carbohydrates and fat, has been endorsed as a way to promote weight loss. However, little effect has been demonstrated in the short term.


Creating a 500 calorie a deficit is easier to do than you might think. Simply take a brisk walk for 45-50 minutes (burn 220 calories). Give up two cans of soda for water or some other zero calorie beverage (-280 calories). Total loss 500 calories. Certainly you will find other combinations that will work for you.

Losing weight requires you to choose your calories wisely. Lasting weight loss will undoubtedly require changes in how and what you eat and drink. But there’s absolutely no need to starve yourself on your weight loss journey.

If you are serious about losing weight, click the button below and get started now.



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Otis Brown

I am a health and wellness consultant who helps weight conscience adults struggling to lose weight because they can’t get the proper nutrition, diet or exercise. I help create a simple plan for living a healthy lifestyle so they can achieve their ideal body weight and enjoy dramatic and lasting weight loss.

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